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Fireshadows: By Anthony Eaton

Kanza Hasan

This puzzle is based on an Australian novel "Fireshadows", written by Anthony Eaton. I have taken two words from each chapter and given clues about these words.

2           3 4 5
  6 7             8   9      
11 12             13 14                
16         17                          
19       20                      
22           23   24 25                     26  
27                 28                      
30               31                    
32   33 34               35 36  
37                     38                    
39   40        
41             42 43 44               45    
        47   48                  
  49   50                
  51                 52                
54           55                

1.An upright structure that is used for support or navigational guidance
2.A long, narrow open container.
7.Strong hostility
9.A tool used to typically chop wood
10.A gun fired from shoulder level
11.Something complicated or unaccountable
13.A mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel.
16.Pretend to be affected by an injury, feeling or state.
17.A place in a large institution for the care of those who are ill.
18.vividly colourful
19.The eldest son of Adam and Eve and murderer of his brother, Abel( Bible)
20.a noncommissioned officer in the armed forces.
22.Infinite or unending time
25.Lacking the quality or quantity required.
27.Giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening
28.A goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish Chief priest (Bible)
29.Succeed in forcing into or through something.
30.A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance
31.A soldier belonging to an infantry unit.
34.having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's importance or abilities
37.Not certain or fixed
38.Murder of a person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.
41.A rich, deep red.
43.A person whom one works with.
46.A member of the National Socialist German Worker's party
48.The small, precise or trivial details of something
50.A large insect with transparent wings.
51.A sheet of canvas or other material used to keep the sun and rain away a deck or doorway
52.Abnormally thin or weak
54.A city in southern eastern Germany.
55.Authentic or truly what is said
56.Infection of the intestines
57.Making a hypocritical display of virtue
1.A thing or collection of things wrapped in paper to be carried or sent out in the mail.
3.A symbolic device for a nation, organisation or family.
4.The German armed forces; 1921-1945.
5.Shapes that share the same centre
6.A state of being lost in one's thoughts.
8.Allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through
12.Pleasantly graceful or stylish
14.Examine or inspect closely
15.Carried out with minimum effort
21.feeling, showing or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad to be dealt with
23.A heavy-duty waterproof cloth.
26.Extremely small
32.Severe mental or physical pain
33.German word for 'No'
35.The use of a hot iron or flame to burn an infection or wound.
36.A light purplish red.
39.A knife with a small, sharp blade.
40.A strong and fast moving stream of water
42.Producing powerful feeling or strong, clear images in the mind
44.The state of being unaware or unconscious
45.World War One
47.A low, protective wall along the edge of a roof, balcony or bridge.
49.A thickened and hardened part of the skin or soft tissue.
53.A strong, unbleached cloth made from hemp, flax or cotton and used as a surface for painting.

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