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Quiz in Family Planning

Complete the crossword puzzle below. Erasures and superimpositions are considered wrong. Goodluck and God bless!

  4   5
      6 7  
8                         9                        
  10         11          
  12 13                          
18         19              

2.This intrauterine device contains ______ which damages the sperm and prevents it from meeting the egg.
8.Transcribe HIV.
10.This Philippine Constitution states that the government protects the sanctity of life.
12.This is the tube that carry sperm from the testicles, which is blocked/tied/sealed in Vasectomy
14.Component of the intrauterine device that suppresses the growth of the lining of the uterus (endometrium)
16.Allows individuals and couples to attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births.
17.Female Sterilization; Permanent contraception to block or cut the fallopian tubes.
18.The ideal number of years for birth spacing.
19.A traditional natural family planning method where the couple monitors fertile days in the menstrual cycle.
1."The Pill"; A modern contraceptive method; It prevents the release of eggs from ovaries; This also reduces endometrial and ovarian cancer.
3."Coitus interruptus"; A traditional method when man withdraws his penis from his partner's vagina and ejaculates outside the vagina.
4.This is the general method used in family planning.
5.Male Sterilization or permanent contraception among males.
6.A traditional natural family planning method where the couple monitors the cervical mucus and body temperature.
7."The minipill"; Contains only progestogen hormone and not estrogen.
9.Sheath/linings that fit loosely inside a woman's vagina.; Also protects against sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Be specific.
11.Sheath/covering that fit over a man's erect penis; Barrier between sperm and egg. Be specific.
13.Contraceptive use is increased in many parts of the world except for this continent.
15.Requires exclusive breastfeeding day and night of an infant less than 6 mons. old.
16.True or False. Abortion is a family planning method.

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