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Respiratory Disorders

Jessica Lugo

Chapter 40 and 41

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4.Restores circulation and increases airway patency
6.Flonase and Nasacort are examples of
8.A common upper respiratory infection
10.Example of Restrictive Lung Disease
12.Tx consists of saline gargle, lozenges, increased fluid intake, and APAP
15.H-1 blockers, antagonists
16.A decrease in lung capacity due to fluid accumlation or loss of elasticity of the lung tissues
19.OTC second-generation antihistamine
20.Examples include MDI's and DPI's
22.Liquefies and loosens thick mucus secretions
23.Tx consists of decongestant, APAP, rest and Antibiotics
25.Treats acute and allergic rhinitis, antitussive
27.Reduces inflammatory process and decreases bronchoconstriction
28.Narrow-angle glaucoma is a caution for what mediation
29.Dilates bronchioles
30.Competes with histamine for receptor sites preventing a histamine response
31.Act on the smooth muscle of bronchi
1.Nonsedating antihistamine
2.Cheratussin is a form of
3.Maintain therapy for chronic stable asthma
5.Nasal sprays, nasal drops, tablet, capsule are forms of
7.Second-generation antihistamine
9.Has an antinflammatory effect
11.Can used as antidote for APAP overdose
13.Inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes
14.Airway obstruction with increased resistance to airflow
17.Uses antiinflammatory effect and suppression of release of histamine
18.Touching contaminated surfaces, then mouth and nose
21.An example of a COPD major disorder
24.Robitussin is an example of
26.Prophylactic tx of bronchial asthma

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