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words to do with metals


characteristics of metals and heatreatments

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1.returns to its original shape after force is removed
4.material passes between rollers to be reshaped
5.when only a selected part of a component is hardened
7.shown by a material resistant to scoring, wear and denting
8.to toughen a steel after it has been hardened
9.a material that will stay in its deformed state after the force is removed
10.can be formed by bending or hammering when cold without cracking
11.can cope with repeated stresses of impact, temperature extremes or vibration without cracking or breaking
12.will resist high forces such as compression, shear or tensile
16.resists deformation when exposed to stretching forces
20.uses lathes, drills and mills to reshape blocks of material
21.to harden only the outer surface of a steel
22.a method of making shapes from metal that uses sand moulds
23.hammering metals changes their shape
2.is strong under pressing forces
3.relies on squeezing a material with a press to shange its shape
6.able to drawn cold without cracking or breaking
13.will not fracture when exposed to heavy impacts without fracturing
14.breaks easily when force is applied
15.when a metal is softened from its hardened state so it can be shaped or reworked
17.used to restore toughness to steel after it has been cold worked or forged
18.a process used to make wire and tubing
19.to heat treat a steel to make it very hard

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