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Business Buzzword Bingo

Herbert Bonnabee

In the memory of the late Herbert Bonnabee, we've compiled a number of phrases that used to drive the man up a wall whenever he heard them used by staff while conducting business.

A classic entrepreneur and businessman with big ideas and ideals to go with them as he pushed for a grander future in Grind City and the world at large, Herbert Bonnabee had little patience for buzzwords. He felt most buzzwords were crass affronts to the sort of articulate command of the English language he without exception expected from his staff.

At the end of the day, Herbert Bonnabee chiefly appreciated folks who said as little as possible, and who meant every word they said.

1 2
3   4  
  5                     6    
7   8         9
10   11       12            
      16     17           18
  22                       23       24
    25                                 26
28   29       30                       31          
34   35         36                      
  37   38   39                           40    
    42 43                              
44                         45                  
    47     48                    

3.Intellectual Property
5.Ability to be Sustained
7.Return on Investment
12.What replaces this generation of technology (2 Words)
13.None of us are as stupid as all of us (3 Words)
14.Adding Value to Product (2 Words)
15.Bringing storms together
16.Failed website business (2 Words)
19.Speaking to clients or customers (2 Words)
22.Wholly covers everything
23.Data stored across an array of servers
25.Easy tasks with lower risk (3 Words)
28.Combine two songs into one
30.When the day is complete (6 Words)
32.Aggressively attacking options and angles
33.Threshold between action and consequence (2 Words)
35.Creatively offering alternatives to conventional wisdom (3 Words)
39.Rough estimate (2 Words)
43.Changing perceptions and biases to adapt to outside forces (2 Words)
44.Talking to someone in person (2 Words)
45.IP across mediums
48.Availability to support or act
49.Right click save
50.About to launch a product or idea (3 Words)
51.being polite while commenting online
52.No longer a useful contributor
1.Not losing for both parties (2 Words)
2.When selling unique points isn't enough (3 Words)
4.what is rightfully deserved
6.Doing something new and better
8.Drowning customers in an branded experience
9.After Alpha, before Shipping
10.Sense of control or authority
11.What competition needs to be beaten
17.Pioneering some aspect of business (2 Words)
18.Selling to an international market
20.endorse cult of company line (4 Words)
21.Opinions and tangents
26.Deferred payment until after completion (3 Words)
27.Word meant to make one abuzz
29.Building momentum towards producing a product (2 Words)
31.Plan for escape (2 Words)
34.Means to manipulate others
36.Intensely explore the depths of an issue (2 Words)
37.Shedding dead weight for smoother productivity & product
38.Wrangling desperate talent (2 Words)
39.Top dog in an industry (3 Words)
40.Online Education (2 Words)
41.Brings Multiple Feeds to One Front
42.Knowing the activities of others
46.Affecting others or product
47.Talent working in smooth tandem

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