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#101.18 Strategic Organizational Planning

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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4.Prior to _____ 1 of each year, the staff officers shall develop each objective to assist the District in meeting its mission
5.We _____ to protect your health, safety and property
7._____ are defined as closed-ended statements which identify the specific results that a person or organization seeks
9.The _____ statement is a concise narrative of the District’s responsibilities to the community
10.Strategic Planning Session - SWOT Analysis/Operational Definitions (All Division members participate in this process.)
11.District shall conduct a bi-annual _____ Analysis, which identifies the District’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
13.Objectives are usually short or intermediate _____ in nature
16.Formulate/Review Action Plans, Goals and Objectives
17.Staff review of Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Internal/External Environmental Analysis
18._____ are defined as open-ended statements to which a person or an organization directs its efforts toward
1.Key components of a SOP are a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Internal/External Environmental Analysis, a SWOT Analysis (complete with operational definitions), Goals and Objectives, and Strategic _____
2.Information gathered through a “______” process is used to formulate operational definitions for each group of identified strengths and weaknesses
3.Strategic management is a process of analyzing and managing the resources of an organization within its environment (internal/external) while pursuing the organization’s _____
6.A goal represents the ___ result or final position to be achieved in a specific area of concern
8.Management Retreat
12._____ Statement: We are positioning ourselves today and for the future to be a responsible leader in emergency services through proactive training, education, risk assessment, employee and community involvement.
14.A vision should have _____; it should challenge each and every one of us to grow; to stretch their skills and be worth the effort.
15.What do these represent? "Consideration, Cooperation, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect,"

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