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#101.26 Vehicle Exhaust System

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Any _____ or maintenance issues that are unable to be addressed by the on-duty crew shall be reported to their officer in charge and proper paperwork shall be completed to ensure the system is repaired and maintained
7.The _____ shall be inspected weekly and cleaned to keep the magnepaks from collecting a build up of metal shavings and/or dirt on the pull-pieces
8.If a vehicle is to be in the station with the engine running the manual override is to be _____
10.The exhaust _____ should be maintained so as not to allow a build up of road dirt or salt on it
11.Any apparatus responding with only one (1) person is _____ from connecting the nozzle to the exhaust adapter before backing into the fire station
1.The recommended maximum speed is five (5) mph while leaving or backing into the apparatus ___
2._____ shall utilize the by-pass switch on the control panel to run the exhaust fan in the manual mode. Vehicle engines shall not operate no longer than ten (10) minutes or over 1200 rpm’s while connected to the vehicle exhaust system
3.Vehicles shall not exit the fire station in such a high speed that the exhaust system is unable to _____
4.The adapter shall be cleaned each time the apparatus is _____
5.For heavy build-up steel wool may be used to clean and smooth the _____
6.The vehicle exhaust system shall be _____ at all times that an apparatus is in the station
9.It is a proven fact that _____ exhaust emissions are carcinogenic and a major threat to everyone’s health

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