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#101.28 Citizen Assist Program

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3         4 5

1.Determine any emergency medical needs present and treat as indicated according to EMS _____
3.Notify the _____ commander that you may have a referral to the Citizen Assist Program (CAP) so that they can notify the Deputy Chief or their designee
6.On notification or _____ of referral the Deputy Chief or their designee shall pull report and verify complete information
7._____ prior contact with party by address and determine pattern and/or nature of calls
8.Explain to the parties involved that a program is available that may be able to assist them with the types of situations they are facing (a hand out card is available to leave with the person receiving the referral); obtain their verbal _____ to be contacted
9.Determine if _____, neglect, or other urgent conditions require immediate intervention (e.g. cannot wait until next business day); if so, secure the situation and notify the shift commander and any other appropriate response (e.g. law enforcement) that may not already be present
2.All _____ shall go through the Deputy Chief or their designee
4._____ name, address, and telephone contact information to include
5.Enter the name, address, and contact information for the _____ that you are referring on the fire report, along with a very brief description of the situation leading to your referral

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