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health and safety

kirsty dambrosio

CSCS health and safety puzzle

6     7 8  
9         10                                              
        11   12                        
  14                                           15

2.Where you must go in the event of an emergency such as a fire. (2 words) 8, 5
5.When a substance can burn your skin (1 word) 9
9.PPE (3 words) 8, 10, 9
11.Identifies hazards and shows the safe way of doing a job. Employers must do these. (2 words) 4, 10)
14.When blood vessels and nerves are damaged in your fingers and hands (3 words) 9, 5, 6
17.When a substance could seriously damage your health or kill you. (1 word) 5
18.A technique which is used to control dust from getting into the air. Keeps an area moist. (words) 3, 7
19.A type of PPE used to protect your head (1 word) 7
21.Special permission needed for certain jobs to carry it out safely under controlled conditions (3 words) 6, 2, 4
22.A short talk on a health and safety topic (3 words) 4, 3, 4
1.PPE used when working with dangerous chemicals. (3 words) 11, 10, 9
3.A disease which is found in water logged areas and is carried by rats and cows. (2 words) 5, 7
4.Tells you how to do a job and explains what materials, tools and equipment are needed and training needed. (2 words) 6, 9
6.When the HSE sees something they don't like and ask you to make it better. (2 words) 11, 6
7.A health condition that affects your skin and makes it itchy and red. You get it at work. (2 words) 12, 10
8.Worn to protect ears. You only wear them once then throw them away (3 words) 10, 3, 5
10.When someone is nearly injured. (3 words) 4, 4, 8
12.This is a safety briefing usually given on the first day of work. (2 words) 4, 9
13.A dangerous substance which is created by breaking up concrete floors and screeds. (2 words) 6, 4
15.A dangerous substance found in buildings built before 2000. If you breathe this it can cause lung disease. (1 word) 8
16.An abbreviation for hazardous substances. (1 word) 5
20.Something that could harm you (1 word) 6

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