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created by the Fun-gals

Complete the crossword puzzle to use as a future reference. Clues will be read and the first letter of the word will be revealed. First person to yell out the correct word, wins!

1 2               3   4
5 6                    
    7       8                      
9   10        
17                           18  
        19   20   21
    23     24                
      29       30
31 32           33   34  
37                             38    

2.Division of fungi characterized by the formation of haploid ascospores within sacs called asci
6.Having two forms
7.Infections caused by dermatophytes
11.Low molecular weight metabolites that can harm humans and animals that ingest them causing toxicosis (poisoning)
12.Foods contaminated with mycotoxins cause this
13.Division of fungi including coenocytic molds called zygomycetes; most are saprobes
14.Infections with M. furfur result in this de-pigmentation or hyperpigmentation patches of scaly skin, resulting from fungal interference with melanin reduction
16.Best known mycotoxins produced by the ascomyse Aspergillus
17.An ascomycete and most common fungal pathogen affecting humans
22.Most common fungal infections; confined in the outer dead layers of the skin
24.This treatment have been difficult to develop because fungal metabolism is similar to our own
26.Study of the occurrence, distribution, and disease in humans
27.An ascomyse, that causes this chronic fungal disease similar to blastomycosis and coccidiomycosis
28.Most of these are toxic to human tissues because fungi are biochemically similar to human cells
35.characteristic of disease that may go unnoticed because of absence of symptoms even though clinical tests may reveal signs of disease
37.Fungal diseases
39.We consider mycoses based on whether the fungus is a true pathogen, or merely ______________
40.Fungal diseases that result from infections by one of the four pathogenic fungi
1.Disease caused by the dimorphic fungus Cryptococcus; typically manifests as meningitis
3.one of three genera of ascomocytes that are responsible for most dermatophytosis along with the Microsporum species and Epidermophytom floccosum
4.One of three categories of clinical manifestation for fungal diseases
5.An ascomycete that normally grows in cool, damp rich in vegetable and animal wastes
8.Asexual stage of fungi
9.Group of fungi that are contagious
10.Stands for Pneumocystis Pneumonia
15.Several localized and invasive diseases caused by infection with Aspergillus species
18.A baccidiomyce that is a normal member of the microbiota of the skin of humans worldwide
19.Fungi’s possess this in order to resist T Cells during cell mediated immuned responses
20.Pulmonary disease found in the Southwest; caused by infection with coccidioides
21.Tumor like infections of the skin, fascia (lining of muscles), and bones of the hands or feet caused by mycelial fungi of several genera in the division Ascomycota
23.One of three categories of clinical manifestation for fungal diseases which are the most common
25.Fungi involved are common soil saprobes; same as subcutaneous mycoses
29.Division of fungi characterized by production of basidiospores and basidiocarps
30.Mushroom poisoning resulting from eating the fungus
31.Instead of cholesterol, like human cells, the membranes of fungal cells contain this related molecule
32.Sexual stage of fungi
33.Fungus that absorbs nutrients from dead organisms
34.Term for several opportunistic diseases caused by infection with candida species
36._____ of fungal infections generally entails avoiding endemic areas and keeping one’s immune system healthy
38.One of three categories of clinical manifestation for fungal diseases which most commonly result from inhalation of the fungal spores

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