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House Calls Aid Frail Elderly


Most elders want to remain in their own homes to age in place rather than relocate to facilities with on- site nursing and medical personnel, although acute and repeated exacerbations of chronic illness may temporarily require intensive medical monitoring and intervention. Ideally, some or all of this care will be provided at home, preventing institutionalization according to Generations article, House Calls Make a Comeback.

1 2

3.House Calls for Seniors: Building and Sustaining a Model of Care for ________ Seniors
4.Homebound _______ don't seek medical care until a crisis hits and they end up in the emergency room.
6.Physician quit his office _______ to concentrate "on people who couldn't or shouldn't" leave home to see him
8.Most _______ want to remain in their own homes to age in place rather than relocate to facilities
1.An academic ______ house calls program in partnership with a healthcare system can improve access to care for homebound frail older adults
2.____-_____ are poised for a comeback for elderly who are homebound.
5.(of a person) Weak and delicate
7.The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

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