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Important New Report - "Women and Alzheimer's Disease: The Caregiver's Crisis"


This past June, "Women and Alzheimer's Disease: The Caregiver's Crisis." was issued by Working Mother Research Institute. The report is sponsored by GE, with knowledge support from the Alzheimer's Association. Women now make up two thirds (66%) of the estimated 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer's and provide the majority of unpaid care for loved ones suffering from the disease.

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3.Caregiver ______ is a major issue, given that these women often take better care of the loved one with Alzheimer’s than themselves.
5.Within the caregiving group, _________ are struggling the most
6.More than three quarters of respondents say their _______ hasn’t broached either aging or alzheimers during visits
8.Whether they are tending to someone by choice or by default, caregivers are struggling in every area of ____
1.Only 10 percent of ______ have long-term care insurance
2.Thirty-nine percent of current caregivers surveyed say they passed up promotions because of _____________
4._______________'s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death.
7.72 percent of Americans have not planned ____options if they were diagnosed.

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