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Tropical Rainforest

Mdm Wong HY

This puzzle helps you in recall the characteristics, the structure and the uses of the tropical rainforest.

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5.Logs and wood from rainforest are used to construct ________.
6.Layer where crowns of trees form a continuous layer
10.The highest layer of the rainforest
13.Shape of leaves in the rainforest
16.One type of medicine made from trees in rainforest
17.How many vertical layers in the rainforest?
18.The lowest layer of the rainforest
20.Second largest rainforest in the world
21.Roots are shallow because __________ can be found on top soil layer.
23.A type of fruit found in the rainforest
24.One characteriistic of the trees in rainforest
1.Chocolate comes from this rainforest tree
2.Type of roots in the rainforest
3.A type of hardwood found in rainforest
4.Largest rainforest in the world
7.One kind of vegetable found in the rainforest
8.Leaves in the rainforest are ________ to capture maximum sunlight.
9.What is the term to describe the cutting down of trees for commercial use?
11.What type of climate is most suitable for rainforest?
12.A kind of spice found in the rainforest
14.What is the term for the large-scale destruction of forests?
15.This rainforest plant can cure Malaria
19.One of the recreational use of rainforest
22.Which latitude is the rainforest located closest to?

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