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Rivers & River System

Mdm Wong HY

This puzzle helps to recall some main river features, the water cycle, and the uses of rivers.

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7.In which continent is Danube-Rhine-Mohan waterway found?
9.The river source is found in the ______ course of a river.
10.Water is stored in a ________ behind a river dam.
13.Process that rain water seeps into the ground
17.One drainage basin is separated from another by a ______.
18.Storage of rain water in the ground
21.Rivers are of vital importan d in farming or ___________.
24.This is a disease that can be caused by stagnant water left by a flood.
25.This is an example of a negative impact of rivers.
26.Longest river in the world
27.A river is a source of _________ for people.
28.This river process takes place on the ouiter bank of the river.
29.This is one type of seafood found in some fresh water in China lakes.
1.Hydro-electric power is a source of ______ provided by some rivers.
2.The Black Sea is connected to the ____ Sea by the Danube-Rhine-Mohan waterway.
3.The river mouth is found in the ______ course of a river.
4.A river is divided into ______ courses.
5.The path that a river takes is called __________.
6.This river process takes place on the inner bank of the river.
8.Process in which water in liquid form changes into vapour form
11.Another term for "erosion" at a river bank
12.This is a type of recreational activity provided by some rivers.
14.Some rivers are used to ______ goods and people from one place to another.
15.Fresh water in a river can be used for __________.
16.Farmers taking water directly from rivers for their farms is called _______.
19.This is one feature found in the upper course of a river.
20.River floods can cause damage to crops and _________.
22.Name for a bend in a river
23.A river is natural stream of water within a ________.

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