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Dangers of Eating Spoiled Food


Seniors may be eating food past its expiration date for a variety of reasons. Older adults are at risk of suffering ill health effects from food poisoning due to weaker immune systems.

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4.When you buy and keep food mixes and canned foods in your kitchen, make sure that you ______ the stock
5.Elderly may be ______ with food because they Survived the Depression and World War II marked by food scarcity and rationing.
6.If an ________ date is listed on the packaging, then write that date on the front of the box in large letters, using a black marker
7.Food __________ Signs include cramping in the stomach area, frequent vomiting, fever, dizziness, dehydration and persistent diarrhea
1.Some ____ produces toxic substances as it develops
2.best before ____ on a food product refers to the quality and taste of a product
3.older people’s _________ sometimes turns into a food museum

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