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DTP Vocabulary

Stephen Stewart

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1.The way all elements are arranged on a page
6.Makes the letters lower and smaller
8.How text and images are positioned on a page: right, left, center, or justify
9.Where your eyes tend to glance first
10.Makes the letters higher and smaller
11.Being able to read something
14.Space without text or graphics
16.The pattern that your eyes naturally scan a page
17.Underlying structure of a document
18.That little stroke at the ends of letters
2.Can be portrait or landscape
3.What the letters would have if they stood in the sun
4.Last line of a paragraph at the top of a column or page
5.Space between columns
7.This is key
11.Amount of space between printed lines
12.Also known as "font"
13.Publications should contain a good ________ of both text and graphics
14.First line of a paragraph at the bottom of a column or page
15.Without the little stroke at the ends of letters

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