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DTP Vocabulary

Jalynn Donald

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1.The point where your eye glances first
4.Used for logos;displays but does not print
8.How text and images are aligned or a page
10.The way all elements are arranged on a page
13.Last line of a paragraph at the top of a column or page
14.Differences between the vary decrees of light and dark
15.Amount of horizontal space between letters and characters
16.Helps to provide a sense of unity with in a document
18.Indicates a pause in speech
1.Can be created by using large and bold type and graphical elements
2.Miniature sketch of what you want your document to look like
3.Underlining structure of a document
5.Occurs when weight of elements are equally distrubuted on a page
6.First line of a paragraph at the bottom of a column or page
7.The way your eyes tend to move when searching a page
9.Is creating of documents using page layout software
11.Amount of space between printed lines
12.Space between lines
16.Makes a page easier to read and add intrest
17.Indicates a continuation

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