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Med Terminology and SOAP Notes

Mr. Manning

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2.The meaning of P in a Soap Note
4.Meaning Across
6.Meaning Inner or Inside
8.Meaning Black
10.Something that is told to a physician by the patient - not measurable.
14.Meaning Between
15.The meaning of S in a SOAP Note
17.Meaning Inflammation Of
18.Vowel that connects different word parts together
22.Meaning Same
23.Word part that gives the essential meaning to the word
25.Meaning Around
26.Word part at the end of a word
1.Something a physician observes and can measure
3.Meaning Before
5.Meaning Above or Higher
7.The meaning of O in a SOAP Note
9.The meaning of A in a SOAP Note
11.Meaning Single
12.Word part at the beginning of a word
13.Meaning Teeth
16.Meaning Middle
19.Surgical Removal of, Excision
20.Meaning Muscle
21.A medical note that documents a patient evaluation and assessment
24.Abnormal Condition Of

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