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Defending a Castle

Mr J

Here are some defensive features you can use for your assessment task

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5.Openings in the ceiling used by defenders in the chamber above to drop hot liquids down on the unfortunate attacker
7.These sheltered defenders while standing on the wall walk
8.A fortified gateway used as an outer defence for a castle
11.These towers where harder to knock down as they had no corners
12.A protective, tooth shaped wall often with a wall walk behind it for the soldiers to stand on
13.this could be pulled up, preventing access across moats.
14.A small turret or lookout projecting out at an angle of a tower
1.These were fired at Belfry towers to set them on fire
2.A great tower that was a self-sufficient, last resort, place of refuge used during a siege
3.The gaps on top of the castle walls which defenders used to fire arrows from
4.These provided a safer means of firing arrows on the attackers of the castle
6.Surrounds the castle and prevents mining
8.A prominent projection meant to cover dead ground, flank curtains and provide crossfire
9.This was poured on top of attackers
10.A metal barrier that helped protect the castle doors from fire and battering

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