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Mal's Puzzle

Mallory Wagg

Key words or facts covering the respiratory system.

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5.this can result with frequent use of decongestants such as nasal spray or drops
6.reverses bronchospasm by relaxing bronchial smooth muscle
8.the lung volume based on the unit of pressure in the alveoli.
11.these loosen bronchial secretions so they can be eliminated when coughing
15.?-generation antihistamines cause dry mouth, drowsiness, and other anticholinergic symptoms
16.is characterized by periods of bronchospasms resulting in wheezing and difficulty breathing
19.composed of nares, nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx
20.acute inflammation of the mucus membrane
26.most ? are rapidly absorbed ub 15 minutes but are not potent enouch to combat anaphylaxis
27.result in shrinking of the nasal mucous membranes and reduction in fluid secretion
28.this route of administration usually delivers more of the drug directly to the constricted bronchial site.
29.these act on the cough control center in the medulla to suppress the cough reflex
30.this herb can be used as a decongestant
1.?-generation antihistamines are frequently called nonsedating and cause fewer anticholinergic symptoms
2.the most prevalent type of URI
3.consists of trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli and alveolar capillary membrane
4.these are steriods that have an antiinflammatory response
7.involves blood flow at the alveolar capillary bed, and is influenced by alveolar pressure.
9.there is abnormal dilation of the bronchi and bronchioles secondary to frequent infection and inflammation
10.watery nasal discharge
12.an imflammatory disorder of the airway walls associated with a carying amount of airway obstruction.
13.this was the first theophylline preparation
14.this was the first bet adrenergic agent used for bronchospasms
17.often called hayfever
18.molecules move from a higher to a lower concentration
21.results when the lung tissue is exposed to extrinsic or intrinsic factors that stimulate the bronchoconstrictive response
22.the phase in which oxygen passes through airways.
23.this is a progressive lung disease caused by cigarette smoking, atmospheric contaminants or lack of the alpha-antirupsin protein
24.a new anticholinergic ddrug used to treat asthmatic conditions by dilating the bronchioles.
25.may increase the effect of theophylline and may cause theophylline toxicity

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