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Political Parties Vocab, pp.456,459,466

Mrs. Leschyn

1 2 3
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13             14                    

4.asks voters to write in his or her name on the ballot
5.a meeting of party leaders to discuss issues or choose candidates
7.name a candidate to run for political office
10.an organization of citizens who wish to influence government by getting their members elected to office
12.means declaring that you are running for office
13.an election in which members of a political party choose candidates to run for office
15.voting districts
16.means voting for candidates of more than one party on the same ballot
1.a primary in which voters do not need to declare a party before voting
2.a statement of a party's official stand on major public issues
3.people who do not support a particular political party
6.a primary in which a voter must be registered as a party member to be able to vote
8.means voting for the candidates of only one party
9.when party leaders do favors for local party supporters
11.to go door-to-door seeking support for a candidate or issue
14.position statement on specific issues in a party's platform

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