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Beginning the Journey

Dr. VanderWilt

Complete this crossword puzzle while you read Chapter 1, "Beginning the Journey," pages 7- 25.

1 2
4       5    
6 7        
9               10        
11   12    
13                           14
15             16                

4.Traditional or ancient stories that establish a people's worldview.
8.Organizational elements of a religious group.
9.Sacred texts at the core of a religious tradition.
13.Sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.
15.Places marked out for religious purpose or for their inherent sacredness.
16.Special days marked out for religious observance.
17.Periods of time marked out for religious themes and purposes.
18.To identify and understand the situation of another.
19.Practices, customs, or beliefs that are emblematic of membership in a religious group.
1.Giving testimony of one's religious faith to another person or group.
2.The Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism.
3.Conversations among people with different perspectives in order to enhance social and personal relationships, to build good will and understanding.
5.The Vatican II Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions.
6.The gifts of God for human beings whether or not they are Christian.
7.A definite set of forms for public religious worship.
10.Efforts to build and enhance unity among Christians.
11.Actions undertaken as a result of religious conviction.
12.The ideas that define the central core and boundaries of a religious group.
14.Latin word meaning "to bind"

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