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Cleopatra Queen of Egypt

Lea Niksic

Cleopatra is looked up to today because of her great achievments in her time and being so well educated. She learned history,arithmetic,geometry,astronomy and medicine and she could also read heiroglyphics.She was also last pharoah of egypt Cleopatra VII , played an important role in the history of two great ancient civilisations, Egypt & Rome. The kingdom was left to cleopatra (18) and her brother Ptolemy XIII (15) when their father died in 51 BC. But cleopatra could not gain power so easily according to egyptian law cleopatra was forced to have a consort throughout her reign. She marrried her brother ptolemy XIII when he was 12. But soon enough cleopatra dropped his name from any official documents using only her portrait on coins and ignoring her brothers this led to civil war where caesar came in cleopatra made a point of convincing the great ruler to help her win the war. In 47 BC cleopatra gave birth to a son caesarion who is rumoured to have been caesars child. Cleopatra also was known for having a romatic affair with Marc Antony whom she has two children with.

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3.A branch in science that relates to space , cleopatra was educated in this
6.The year cleopatras , ptolemy XVI & ptolemy XIII father died
8.Cleopatra used this person to gain power over rome
9.Ceopatras younger brother whom she married when he was 12
12.Left his wife to begin a family with cleopatra
1.Cleopatras was known for bathing in this
2.Last pharoah of Egypt
4.A river that is very well known that runs through egypt , they sometimes called cleopatra Queen of the _ _ _ _
5.One of Cleopatras brothers whom she also shared the throne with
7.Cleopatra gave birth to her first child in this year
10.The country cleopatra ruled
11.Cleopatra played a important role int he history of two great civilisations Egypt and _ _ _ _

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