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Fiji-Themed Crossword Puzzle

Some are easy, some are hard. Figure it out.

1 2 3       4      
7 8          
9   10       11 12   13
14               15                      
    16                     17      
18       19          
  21   22   23                                
        25                   26           27
28       29                  
          30 31      
  35       36  
37                 38                  
      39   40          
    41       42           43      
44                 45                   46
  49       50       51     52  
53       54          
55                                 56          

3.I've got a lovely bunch of these
5.You might say this to the new volunteers (3 Words)
7.Dairy producer, river
10.Last name of the author who penned "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
14.Ahab would wear one of these
15.1/3 of the Earth's surface (2 Words)
16.4341 Feet
17.Hot rocks
19.Tortilla relative
21.Naught but a shoe left (3 Words)
24.Lets the breeze in
25.Vampires, in a sense
26.Mentioned numerous times in a Gwen Stefani song
28.Late-night Suva grub (2 Words)
32.Fiji displaces this (2 Words)
33.There is only one of these on Vanua Levu, it is in Labasa
37.Spaghetti and bacon
38.Union Jack, dalo, bananas, sugarcane, and a dove (2 Words)
40.Fiji’s only indigenous terrestrial mammal
41.British mainstay left in Fiji
42.A sportsman might drink this (2 Words)
44.One dollar
45.Largest bay in the southern hemisphere (2 Words)
47.Fiji, phonetic
48.Occasionally fringed with yarn
49.There was a mutiny on this ship
51.Fiji's national sport
54.Burning newspaper
55.24 Saint Fort St. (3 Words)
56.Totem species, beer
1.Celestial crucifix (2 Words)
2.New moon fête
4.#1 cause of death in Fiji (2 Words)
8.The year Fiji became a British colony (3 Words)
9.Typical greeting
11.Waverider destination
12.Year of Fiji’s independence (2 Words)
13.Property of "Braveheart"director and star (2 Words)
14.Made in Fiji for you and me
18.Destructive spiral
20.Sheep say this
22.Tropical cure-all (3 Words)
23.Village alarm clock
27.Fiji's main export
29.Piper methysticum
30.Lapita artifacts abound (3 Words)
31.Hindi query
34.I can always fit one more person
35.Keeps whites white
36.Square Bottles (2 Words)
39.Originally an Allied air base (2 Words)
43.The Garden Island
46.Old capitol of Fiji
50.Kingdom east of Fiji
52.Traditional house
53.Ubiquitous tool
54.Capitol of Fiji

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