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Hannah's Project: Ocean Exploration

Hannah Hodges

it's about ocean life and ocean creatures including ocean facts

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3.they lay their eggs are layed in the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean.
7.In some regions, particulary to the west of continental landmasses, prevailing winds cause surface ocean water to move offshore.
8.lives in open sea
10.breeds in Eurasia, in winter may go far south as Africa, India, or southern China
1.every fall, Spiny lobsters living off the coast of Flordia migrate along the seabed in groups around 100,000 or so.
2.lives on seafloor at moderate depths and has a flat body
4.winters are on rocky shores, in the summer it breeds in the tundra
5.The swamps have either pebbles or mud instead of sand, also shellfish like it there
6.when something goes upshore more than usual hours
9.when something goes farther in than usual hours

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