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Torchwood Trivia


A little on the trickier side but I think there's a good mix of hard and easier questions. For the more attentive fan. Warning: contains Children of Earth and Miracle Day.

2 3 4 5        
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5.Owen's late fiance
6.The password for the username "Spears"
9.Rhys's baby name suggestion
12.Drug company in Miracle Day
13.Emily's partner in early Torchwood
17.___ Street (From Out of the Rain)
18.Ianto keeps getting redirected to (2 Words)
19.Indirectly causes Miracle Day (Name) (2 Words)
20.What Jack calls Stephen
22.Owen claims to sell these in "Combat" (2 Words)
24.Name of the pterodactyl
25.He was actually shagging the dog
26.Strangely captures the eye of Captain John Hart
27.The name that didn't seem right for Janet
1.Aside from Jack, the only character that survives the 456 plague
2.Number of people Tosh slept with on the show
3.Clem's fake name (2 Words)
4.Male cannibal in Countrycide
7.Andy's favorite word to describe Torchwood endeavors
8.Villain in "The House of the Dead"
10.Wrote the most episodes (and not always the best) (2 Words)
11.Torchwood ___ was discovered in "Golden Age"
14.Tempts Ianto in the comic "Shrouded"
15.Jonah is on ____ (2 Words)
16."She should have..." (2 Words)
17.Who can you trust to transport your goods?
21.Password to open the rift in "End of Days" (2 Words)
23.What CSI: Cardiff would measure the velocity of

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