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Marianas Trench

1 2 3 4
  6                   7   8
9     10                        
      11               12  
  13                   14     15          
17           18
  19                   20
21         22
23             24      

5.Part I, II and III
6.Latest Album?
9.Fourth Track on the Ever After Album?
11.(see clue 14)
13.Song by another artist which Josh features on?
14.Ian's last name?
16.What fans have taken to calling Josh's very tight red pants?
17.Guitar Tech
19.Song that first got them famous
21."That little bitch with her head held so high..."
23.First Album and a B-Side track
24.Matt -
25."Remember Chris in the backyard, laughing so damn hard and no one knew why"
26.Where the band are from
1.Song with two versions featuring different guest vocals
2.music video which mocks late night TV?
3.Vocals on the Single for Good To You, Jessica -
4."Bring me back to life, I just can't stand leaving you alone tonight."
7.Long running joke which features in the Celedrity Status video
8.Character in the story of Ever After, Perfect...
10.Song on Ever After about stalkers?
12.Bassist's last name
15.Josh's sister
18.Song from the first album Far -
20."What you want, what you need has been killing me."
22.What "Lover Dearest" is about

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