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Chapter 19

Michele Queenan

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4.inflammation of the glomerulus
6._______ is a common cause of kidney failure
10.genetic disease that affects cells that produce mucus in the respiratory and GI tracts
12.water flows out of the distal tubule and collecting duct, and final concentration of the urine occurs
14.loss of elasticity of alveoli, making gas exchange difficult
15.protect internal organs, work with muscles to allow movement, manufacture blood cells in bone marrow, and act as storage depot for calcium and phosphorus
16.A _______ is a coiled tube, consisting of glomerulus, proximal convoluted tubule, loop of Henle, and distal convoluted tubule.
17.diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contract, allowing the thoracic cavity containing the lungs to expand; pressure inside the lungs is less than outside air, causing air to flow; alveoli expand to accommodate the influx of air
19.The respiratory system is a series of chambers and passageways that carry and hold
20.tube from pharynx to stomach
24.a stretchy reservoir for temporarily holding urine
25.storage area for bile until needed for fat digestion
26.organ in right upper abdomen that produces bile needed for emulsification of fats and a myriad of other functions
29.short tube that connects the urinary bladder to the opening located in the external genitalia
32.solutes precipitate and form crystals in the kidney
34.infection of the kidney
35.food is collected, held, and mixed with digestive acid and enzymes
36.contains nephrons responsible for filtration of blood and formation of urine
37.The main organ that does most of the work in the urinary system is called what?
39.Three types of muscle
40.made up of ducts that collect urine
41.gland that produces enzymes that digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
42.covered with taste buds
43.Responsible for intake and digestion of raw materials needed for life and elimination of the remaining waste
1.chronic, autoimmune diseases with symptoms of pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and intestinal bleeding associated with exacerbation and remissions during the course of the illness.
2.Exchange that occurs during breathing between air in the lungs and the air in the environment
3.airways react to allergens, exercise, or other triggering factors by constricting and preventing efficient exhalation of air
5.Bronchi are held open with
7.designed for intake of food and liquids
8.normal filtration cannot occur, commonly caused by diabetes
9.The respiratory system ultimately depends on the function of the _____, the key organs of respiration
11.fluid, salts, and small molecules are forced through the walls of the capillaries of the glomerulus
13.Areas where two or more bones articulate, or join
18.in red blood cells aids the ability of the blood to hold oxygen during transport to tissues.
21.majority of food and drug absorption occurs here
22.name used to group together chronic bronchitis and emphysema
23.inflammation of one or both of the bronchi, usually because of infection
27.filtrate is a dilute solution similar to interstitial fluid that is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream by osmosis in the proximal tubule
28.Carbon dioxide produced during cellular metabolism is diffused into the blood, and most of it is converted into
29.10” tubes carry urine from kidneys to enter the urinary bladder at an angle to prevent backflow of urine
30.Bronchioles end in tiny clustered air sacs called
31.The enzyme that digests carbohydrates is known as _______ and can be found in saliva.
33.___________ prevents alveolar collapse.
38.channel for food and air

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