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Safety in the lab!

Dervayja Fullmore

5                     6
      7       8
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    18 19                  

2.A specimen should never be held here; 5
5.The area in which we would be doing dissecting
7.Never use excess of this when you're using a sharp object
9.Never _____ the specimens through your throat
11.A scalpel does this
14.Never eat or ____ in the lab
15.The action of throwing something away
19.Sandy is it
20.A "duh" phrase
21.Do this whenever any type of what you're dissecting gets onto you
22.Always have this or everything would be boring
1.The first main rule when you go into the laboratory
3.A lab apron, ______, and goggles should always be worn in the lab.
4.What the specimens are kept in
6.What the specimens come in & what they should be put back into
8.Never drink or ____ in the lab
10.Specimens should NEVER be put into this
12.Our special assignments; what are we going to do with the earth worm
13.The animal we will be dissecting
16.Keep this out the lab or you may knock something over
17.What we use to cut instead of a scalpel
18.Our instructor

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