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Philosophy of Science

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5.The law of ___________ of mass and energy states that the total quantity of matter plus energy in the universe reamins the same.
8.The ____________ is scientifically accurate.
9.The ________ flood drastically changed the world.
12.A ________ is a mistake in reasoning.
14.Genesis 1:28 tells us to _______ the earth.
17.The ability to do work is called _________.
18.__________ is the process by which things form (and then improve) by themselves without a Creator.
21.One term that describes the tendency in nature for systems to become less ordered or organized is ________.
22.__________ reasoning is also called "begging the question."
25.Anything that has mass and occupies space is called _________.
26.Evolution is a _________, not a fact.
28.__________ evolution is a compromise between the Bible and evolutionary science.
29.A measure of the disorderliness of a system is called ___________.
30.The interpretation of the word was in Genesis 1:2 is important to compromising Christians who believe the _______ theory.
1.According to Genesis 1:28, man is to have _________ over the living things.
2.God created the earth for the ________ of mankind (Ps. 68:19).
3.Ultimately, the topic of origins must be accepted by __________.
4.________ is the belief that conditions today are the same as they always have been.
6.Genesis 1:1 states, "In the beginning _________ created the heaven and the earth."
7.Scientists are often at the frontier of human __________.
10.The Bible proveds the only proper _______ for conducting scientific investigations.
11.God created the entire universe in six __________.
13.________ cannot give us permanent, absolute truth as the Bible does.
15.God ________ on the seventh day.
16.A Christian who holds to six 24-hour, end-to-end days of Creation has a ________ view of Scripture.
19.Matthew 19:4 clearly teaches that ______ and woman were divinely created as such from the very beginning.
20.God breated into man "the breath of ________; and man became a living soul" (Gen. 2:7).
23.Christians believe in the Genesis account of _________.
24.God created the heaven and the earth out of ___________.
27.Genesis 8:22 indicates that there are some things that man will never be able to ________.

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