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Employee Energizer Puzzle

myOptimal Health

Read our weekly emails to figure out the answers to our clues. Once you solve the puzzle, return it to myOptimal Health and be entered in a drawing to win a massage! Email, fax (248-273-6442), or interdepartmental mail to myOptimal Health at 275-PNC. Good luck!

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  17 18                    

3.This department, ______ Medicine, offers many resources dealing with deep breathing and relaxation.
7.Deep breathing involves inhaling through this body part.
8.What floor is the Salisbury Garden at Royal Oak located? *Some research required*
9.What is the name of the open space that can be found at GP?
10.Breathing can help relieve anxiety, sleep problems, and _____.
14.Stretching improves your _____.
16.The Spiritual Center in Royal Oak Hospital can be found on 3 ______.
18.Stretching helps increase _____.
19.Another name that the Spiritual Centers are known
20.Which hospital campus can the Serenity Garden be found?
1.What onsite event occurs on Mondays and includes stretching?
2.What fitness center will be opening in 2013?
4.Another word for yoga poses.
5.Meditation not only helps relieve stress, it also helps you to ______.
6.Yoga can help to relieve______.
11.An element of yoga. The practice of thoughtfulness and a concentrated focus.
12.Dr. Joyce Brothers says to relax for ____minutes in order to be more productive.
13.What type of meditation focuses attention on the present moment?
15.Type of yoga class taught at the Employee Fitness Center campus. *Hint--must look at the Employee Fitness Center Group Exercise Schedule*
17.Type of yoga that takes place while sitting upright in a _______. *Hint--Must look at MOH video*

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