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Terms and Techniques

Ana Campos

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7.ending or “wrapping up” of a story after a climax
8.leaving the last syllable or letter from the end of a word
11.a recurring theme or subject in a work of art, music or literature
12.repetition of the same word(s) at the beginning of successive phrases
13.saying the same thing twice
16.exaggeration of some of the features or qualities of a character’s description e.g. John Howard’s eyebrows
17.a reference to another story or text, either directly or through implication
19.unresolved ending that draws responder
22.harsh or discordant sound
24.repetition of a word or phrase
26.continuation of poetry without pause between lines
30.the act of challenging, upsetting or overthrowing an accepted idea, belief or attitude
31.a short and interesting narrative of an event, usually having happened to the person telling the story
32.strongest possible expression for a single quality
33.flash forward
34.a word or phrase with two meanings, one of which may be sexual or rude in some way
36.when the climax of a narrative is not only disappointing but also descends into the trivial and ridiculous
37.the placement of two images next to each other usually similar with some differences, so the differences become closer
38.looking at an issue in a one-sided way
39.the colour or shade used
41.prose that follows a character’s thoughts
43.play on words
44.poem of 14 lines
46.freedom taken by a poet to depart deliberately from the rules of language, logic or fact in order to produce a literary effect
47.literally means “against the time
48.highest point of a story
49.a pithy, concise saying that pays homage to a general truth. We ponder their meaning
50.a narrative tracing a characters development from childhood through to maturity
1.repetition of ‘s’ sound
2.the feeling evoked or expressed by a text
3.the space between the reader of a text and the subject of the text
4.a phrase or expression used so often, that it lacks real meaning
5.point of view
6.designed to teach you something
9.a sudden revelation or insight
10.a movement in the art where the sub-conscious mind and dreams dominate
14.combination of a broad range of ideas, styles, images from different contexts
15.f - sound
18.lines in photographs which lead the viewer’s eye to a particular point
20.contrasting character in a narrative
21.beginning a story that takes place in the middle of an event
23.exaggerate something
25.– expression used to avoid directly saying something distasteful, unpleasant or confronting
27.when animals or gods/goddesses are given human characteristics
28.using “like” or “as”
29.when you don’t finish a sentence
32.emphasises an idea, linking idea with subsequent synonymous phrases or statements
35.repetition of one word
39.asking question, then answering
40.a break or pause in the middle of a line of verse, usually indicated by a hyphen or ellipsis
42.sentence structure

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