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Unit 1 Review

3         4    
  6   7   8   9                
          11   12         13
  16 17 18    
19                 20                      
24       25         26               27   28
29         30       31                  
  33             34      

2.A _________ would include government, religion, art, social classes, writing, and cities
3.The first monotheistic religion
7.The act of preserving the Egyptian body
10.A religious type stepped pyramid found in a Sumerian city
11.A city of sin and corruption
14.The Egyptian god of the desert and storms
15.World's longest river
19.He established the world's first code of laws
20.The key to breaking hieroglyphics
22.The belief in many gods
23.The belief in one god
24.Means "new stone age", it was when people started farming and building cities
26.The boy pharaoh whose tomb was discovered in the 1920's
29.The world's first civilization happened here
30.Means "old stone age", it was when people were nomadic and moved around
32.He is often referred to as _______ the Great. He was pharaoh for more than 90 years
33.The most prominent people in a society, the wealthy class
35.A river in Mesopotamia
1.Egyptian writting
3.World's oldest city founded in Palestine in 8000 B.C.
4.The largest desert in the world
5.The eternal spirit or life force of the Egyptian dead
6.Sumerian writting
8.In ancient Egyptian religion, the personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order
9.The modern day nation that sets between the Tigris and Euphrates
12.The tower of ___________ is the story of how god confused people's speech
13.King who was the subject of the world's oldest story
16.A male dominated society
17.Metal age that lasted from 4000 B.C. to 1000 B.C.
18.Means between the rivers
21.The first woman pharaoh
25.Kingdom of the Hebrews
27.King who united Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom
28.People who follow their food are ____________________.
31.The Egyptian king and judge of the dead
34.The Egyptian sun god

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