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Scientific Method

Complete the crossowrd puzzle using the given words: 1. Hypothesis 2. Procedure 3. Data 4. Experiment 5. Conclusion 6. Ask question 7. Results 8. Theory 9. Control Group 10. Experimental Group 11. Independent Variable 12. Dependent Variable 13. Controlled Variables 14. Table 15. Graph

1               2   3
5                     6  
9         10      

1.An educated guess
5.Activity designed to help find an answer to a question
7.When hypothesis is no longer an educated guess
8.Written and carefully followed steps when conducting an experiemnt to test a hypothesis
9.Observations made after performing the experiemnt
12.What do an individual what to learn more about?
13.Information collected during the experiment
14.Group that is not exposed to the object that is being tested
15.Variables that are kept the same throughout an experiment
2.Variable that is purposely altered
3.Variable that is affected by other variable
4.Group that is exposed to the object that is being tested
6.It gives a visual representation of the data
10.It is used to record data
11.Was the hypothesis correct or incorrec should be included here

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