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2.Magnitude is determined by measuring the amplitude of the ________ waves
4.Earthquakes vibrations travel ____________ km/sec
7.Earthquakes in Australia are generally caused by ____________ along faults
9.Convection currents within continents molten rock that keeps them constantly moving is called the _____
10.Australia is located in the middle of a large and "relatively stable" ________-Australian plate
12.Most Earthquakes occur on the _______ of a plate
13.. Most damage occurred to ______________ masonry buildings built between 1900-1950.
14.Individuals have responded to the hazard by _________ indoors
1.1989; the 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck ___________, Australia
3.Earthquakes impact on Australia’s ___________ environmental and social structure
4.The zone where the plates contact is called the ______ line
5.___________ has the highest earthquake hazard in Australia
6.Governments have developed effective ___________ and relief plans
8.Community based group have created ___________ relief organisations
11.Earthquakes are the result of _______ waves passing through the earths crust

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