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Bluejacket English IV

Dakota McDougal

Vocabulary Workshop

2           3 4
7               8 9                  
11 12                   13       14    
  15   16             17      
19                   20
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  25             26    
29         30        

2.doing something in a smooth manner
5.to steal
7.a regular conference
9.know it all, having infinite knowledge
10.to pretend, or make up
12.an accident
13.false bravery
16.cant make up their mind (indecisive)
19.ready t fight
22.a song played at a funeral
23.hypnotised, hallucinating
24.having a bad reputation
25.goofy, ridiculous
28.delicate skill, to evade
29.boring, or not interested
30.used to much
1.to share publicly
3.clever, or skillfull
4.to divulge one into another
6.sad or mournful
8.one who has been banished from his/her homeland
11.an exaggeration
14.to calm down
15.short fused, easily angry
17.hiding in disguise with fake name
18.up to date about something
20.a fake name
21.another word for a dictator
26.to ridicule something
27.an unbeatable rival

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