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Chemistry Revision Crossword

Tessa, Arielle, Chloe

If you're not part of the solution.. You're part of the precipitate!!

1             2            
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    6   7
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    15 16   17          

1.a reaction that takes place when a solution turns from a colour to colourless
5.The first metal in the reactivity series
9.The p in pH stands for ---------
11.The H in pH stands for --------
13.A positively charged ion
15.A solution with a pH more than 7 is this
18.Neutral substances have this pH
2.These change colour in acids and alkalis
3.The gradual destruction of a metal due to reactions with other chemicals
4.A solution with a pH less than 7 is this
6.A galactic indicator
7.A soluble base
8.Blue litmus turns this colour in acid
9.Phenolphthalein turns this colour in alkalis
10.What reaction can be reversed
12.What indicators are made from
13.What comes after Hydrogen in the reactivity series
14.Chemical that neutralizes an acid
16.The chemical symbol of this element is Pb
17.A negatively charged ion

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