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Biology Unit 2

Mr. Forrest

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1.All heterotrophs that consume food or other organisms
3.Both species benefit (cleaning birds and rhino)
5.The place in which an organism lives out its life
7.Simple model that shows how matter and energy move through an ecosystem (2 Words)
9.All autotrophs (plants), that trap energy from the sun
14.Represents a network of interconnected food chains (2 Words)
15.The amount of organic matter comprising a group of organisms in a habitat
16.One species benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefits
18.A group of organisms of one species living in the same place at the same time that interbreed
20.Organisms that absorb nutrients from dead and decaying plants and animals (i.e.Bacteria and fungi)
22.Graphic representation of the relative amounts of energy or matter at each tropic level (2 Words)
23.Populations in a community and the abiotic factors with which they interact
24.The role a species plays in a community
25.All living organisms inhabiting the earth (2 Words)
26.Change in an environment (new growth or regrowth of plants in an environment)
27.Animals that are both herbivores and carnivores
28.Change in an environment where life had existed before (areas such as forest clearings or areas where a forest fire occurred) (2 Words)
2.Two species living together
4.The study of interactions of living organisms with one another and their environment, focusing on energy transfer
6.One species benefits (parasite) and the other is harmed (host) (i.e. lampreys, leeches, fleas, ticks, tapeworm)
8.Animals that eat plants or other primary producers
10.Animals that eat other animals
11.Life supporting portions of Earth composed of air, land, fresh water, and salt water
12.Several interacting populations that inhabit a common environment and are interdependent
13.Change in an environment where life had not existed before (areas such as receding glaciers or new land created by lava) (2 Words)
17.Nonliving parts of the environment (i.e. temperature, soil, light, moisture, air currents) (2 Words)
19.Levels that represent a feeding step in the transfer of energy and matter in an ecosystem (2 Words)
21.Any unicellular or multi-cellular form exhibiting all of the characteristics of life

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