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Acids and Bases

Mr Winslade

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1.Acid plus metal produces a salt plus what?
4.A solution with a pH of 3 would be an ______ solution.
6.What is the pH of neutral solution?
8.Pottasium/KOH is the symbol for _______ hydroxide.
9.H2SO4 is the symbol of _______ acid.
12.When an acid is neutralised, a salt and what are produced
14.In chemical reactions we begin with the ingredients called the___________ and finish with the products.
16.One indicator for acidic or base solutions is called __________
19.Litmus paper is a ________ colour in a acidic solution
20.Acids release these ions in water.
23.An atom that has gained or lost an electron.
24.HNO3 is the symbol for _________acid.
1.Ca(OH)2 is the formula for the base calcium..?
2.The process of soapmaking is called?
3.A substance that neutralises acids is called a?
5.Litmus paper is a ______colour in a basic solution.
7.When a substance is neither acidic nor basic, it is called
10.Fruit contains what sort of acids.
11.A solution with a pH of 12 would be a ________solution.
13.HCl is the symbol for hydrochloric _____.
15.When a base is soluble in water, it is called an ___________.
17.NaOH is the symbol for _______ hydroxide.
18.Fizzy drinks contain what sort of acids?
21.When universal indicator is added, a neutral substance turns
22.NaHCO3 is the symbol for ________soda.

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