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Disney Animated


The best animated disney characters and movies

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6         7   8
11                       12    
  15 16        
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3.A little lion with a hard past
5.a red headed cowgirl
6.a fox whose best friend is a hound
9.a rather evil prince from shrek (2 Words)
11.an innocent outlaw repaying his debt from SHREK (3 Words)
12.a little human girl in a world of monsters
13.a girl in rags who marries a prince thanks to her fairy god mother
14.an outlaw from tangled (2 Words)
15.a crazy hornbill from the lion king
17.ariels father (2 Words)
18.poisened by an apple (2 Words)
19.a red headed princess who becomes a troll
20.a funny cameleon
21.an evil lion
22.a toy space ranger (2 Words)
23.the dinosaur from toy story
24.the best lion king song ever- no worries (2 Words)
25.a funny little ant princess
28.an elephant who learnt to fly
29.the fairy from peter pan (2 Words)
31.a curious girl who dresses in blue
1.a little lost fish
2.a crab who lives 'under the sea'
4.sleeping beauty
7.a hilarious meercat and a warthog (3 Words)
8.a black mouse who everyone loves (2 Words)
10.a chubby teddy who likes his honey (2 Words)
16.a mermaid who longs to walk
20.a tribal princess
23.a girl trapped in a tower who longs to see the floating lights
25.a bright blue fish with short term memory loss
26.ariels daughter
27.a boy who finds a genie lamp
30.a poor little deer

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