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APES Summer Vocabulary Quiz


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3.the condition in which the rate of change in one direction is the same as the rate of change in the opposite direction (2 Words)
6.a country with relatively low levels of industrialization and income (2 Words)
7.a wildlife biologist and environmental visionary known for the land ethic, stating that humans are only one member of a complex community and should not abuse nature as if it belongs to them (2 Words)
9.the tendency of a shared, limited resource to become depleted because people act from self-interest for short-term gain (4 Words)
12.living on Earth in a way that allows humans to use its resources without depriving future generations of those resources
13.derived from human activities
14.a feedback loop in which a system responds to a change by returning to its original state, or by decreasing the rate at which the change is occurring (3 Words)
17.a system in which exchanges of matter or energy occur across system boundaries (2 Words)
19.the measured variable during an experiment (2 Words)
22.a law of nature stating that energy can neither be created nor destroyed (4 Words)
27.in a scientific experiment, the group of subjects for which the variable of interest is altered in a known way (2 Words)
29.those resources of our environment that are available to everyone but for which no single individual has responsibility (2 Words)
32.a resource that is replaced by natural processes and can be used forever, provided they are not overexploited in the short term (2 Words)
35.a set of hypotheses that have been repeatedly tested and confirmed by multiple groups of researchers, have reached wide acceptance, and have been combined in a unifying whole
37.a feedback loop in which change in a system is amplified (3 Words)
38.a condition in which people are unable to meet their basic needs for adequate food, clothing, or shelter
39.a measure of the value of all products and services produced in a country in a year (3 Words)
40.a field of applied ethics that considers the moral basis of environmental responsibility and how far this responsibility extends (2 Words)
42.a diffuse area that produces pollution (2 Words)
44.the manipulated variable during an experiment (2 Words)
46.a system in which matter and energy exchanges do not occur across boundaries (2 Words)
1.the state of having plentiful wealth; the possession of money, goods, or property
2.the law stating that when energy is transformed, the quantity of energy remains the same, but its ability to do work diminishes (4 Words)
4.per person (2 Words)
5.in a scientific investigation, a group of experiences exactly the same conditions as the experimental group, except for the single variable under study (2 Words)
8.the number indicating the strength of acids and bases on a scale of 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral, a value below 7 is acidic, and a value above 7 is basic (alkaline)
10.a country with relatively high levels of industrialization and income (2 Words)
11.the use of statistical methods to quantify the harmful effect on human health or the environment of exposure to a particular danger (2 Words)
15.a formal statement that describes a system and can be used to understand the present or predict the future course of events
16.a testable supposition about how something works
18.a resource with a finite supply (2 Words)
20.the time it takes for one-half of an original radioactive parent material to decay
21.a distinct location from which pollution is directly produced (2 Words)
23.the kinetic energy of randomly moving atoms, ions, or molecules that spontaneously flows by virtue of a difference in temperature–that is, from a hot object to a cold object
24.a type of experimental design to test a hypothesis through manipulation of an independent variable to determine the effect on a responding dependent variable by measurement (2 Words)
25.a measure of how much an individual consumes, expressed in area of land (2 Words)
26.the process by which natural environments provide life-supporting resources (2 Words)
28.a situation in which a country or geographic area has more people than its resource base can support without damaging the environment
30.the careful and responsible management of Earth and its resources
31.the human use of materials and energy
33.any parts of the natural environment that are used to promote the welfare of people or other species
34.a loss from a system
36.any set of interacting components that influence one another by exchanging energy or materials
41.the information or facts with which science works and from which conclusion are inferred
43.an addition to the system
45.the rate at which work is done

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