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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Jana Reynolds

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1.Movement towards the midline
4.Highly mobile joints that contain a fluid filled capsule
11.Section that divides the body into front and back halves
13.Type of anatomy that studies that diagnosis and treatment of disease
15.Pertaining to the surface
18.Located away from the midline
20.Section that divides the body into upper and lower halves
22.Muscle that moves a structure
24.Related to the side
25.Joints that don't allow movement. An example of this joint would be the sutures in the skull
26.Referring to the back surface of the body
27.Study of the structure and function of cells
28.Study of muscle form and function
29.Movement away from the midline
2.Connective tissue that is part of a muscle; connects muscle to bone, cartilage, and other muscles
3.Section that divides the body into left and right halves
5.Muscle that opposes a certain movement
6.Chest region
8.When a single nerve stimulates a muscle
9.Muscle that stabilizes a structure
10.Away from the center
12.Connective tissue that does not stretch; connects organ to organ and bone to bone
14.Connective tissue made of sheet-like woven fibers that protects and stabilizes organs
16.Located near midline
17.Study of the nervous system
19.The part of the skull that holds the brain
21.Front surface of the body
23.Type of anatomy that views the body as systems that all function together

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