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catering two

Ivan Vanwalleghem

Refresher training

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3.when meat is getting spoiled how does it feel when touched
7.how we call the temperature between 5 and 63 celsius related to food (2 Words)
8.what we do when deep cleaning electrical equipment
9.what do we always have to check when receiving dairy products (2 Words)
10.with what we reduce the risk on the range in heavy weather (2 Words)
11.what we use to dry our hands pos hand washing (2 Words)
12.where we have to put opened bottles of mayonaise
13.what is the comercial name of the approved dishwash chemical
15.when the fryer oil becomes a hazard
17.which kind of raw meat should always be stores on the bottom shelves
19.which type of food we can never put in the microwave (2 Words)
21.what is generated and is a hazard when opening the oven
24.what we have to do after we have washed the cutting board
25.which food poisening can occur from canned food
27.how may degrees is the maximum acceptable for refrigerated produce
28.soap for handwashing has to be available in which form
29.which micro organism is not killed when we freeze the food
1.what information we have to fill out on form 571 (2 Words)
2.how many times can we reheat food
4.of what material are the cut proof gloves made
5.what we do with food that has been in the danger zone for more than 2 hours
6.what kind of contamination occurs from bacterial growth
12.what has happened when we see frozen blood in boxes of chicken received
14.where we put food that has to be cooled
16.what kind of contamination can occur when using steel wool for pot washing
18.peanuts, gluten, seafood, etc... can lead to which reaction
20.which type of food safe gloves can five allergy
21.what product is used in condensed milk for preservation
22.what product is used for preserving prepared adobo
23.what do high risk food usually contain in high levels
26.how we call the appearance of a white substance on top of left open preserves

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