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5.an evolution of the Internet which allows users to create their own content and put it on the Web
8.users can quickly exchange messages with other online users simulating a real-time conversation or "chat"
10.an online journal or diary where writers known as bloggers, may chronicle their daily lives
13.users may use these services to share their locations with their friends or other users
1.an online community where people from all over the world may meet and share common interests
2.individual who uses the Internet to connect with minors in order to develop a sexual relationship
3.any program that allows many different users to share files
4.use of cell phones to send sexual messages, pictures, and videos
6.used to communicate, usually through instant and text messaging
7.interactive forum where you can talk in real time
9.Internet applications which are used to facilitate communication between users
11.process predators use to manipulate minors into sexual relations or into producing sexual images
12.video cameras setup on home computers or laptops that can be accessed via the World Wide Web

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