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Computer Security and Privacy

Jessika Carlson

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1.Using electronic means to collect a variety of in-depth information about an individual, such as a name, address, income and buying habits
5.To request that you be removed from marketing activities or that your information not be shared with other companies (2 Words)
9.A device containing a built-in battery that provides continuous power to a computer and other connected components when the electricity goes out
12.A technology that encrypts everything stored on a storage medium automatically, without any user interaction
13.A collection of data about people that is stored in a large database and used for marketing purposes (2 Words)
14.An e-mail filter used to redirect spam from a user's inbox (2 Words)
15.Extends the Cable Communications Policy Act to include companies that sell wireless services (2 Words)
2.A collection of date about people that is ocllected and maintained by the government (2 Words)
3.To request that you be included in martketing activities or that your information be shared with other companies (2 Words)
4.A device that is designed to withstand much more physical abuse than a conventional device (2 Words)
6.A device that protects a computer system from damage due to electrical fluctuations (2 Words)
7.The use of computers or other types of digital equipment to make illegal copies of currency, checks, collectables, and other items
8.The complete malfunction of a computer (2 Words)
10.The state of being concealed or free from unauthorized intrusion
11.Unsolicited, bulk e-mail

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