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Body Organization and Structure

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1.connect bone to bone in a joint
4.a muscle that straightens part of your body
8.organ system whose job is to support and protect the body
10.exercise to strengthen muscles working against the weight of an object
14.connect skeletal muscles to bones
16.exercise to strengthen the heart, like walking or running
18.a place where two bones meet
19.bone tissue with open spaces that give bone strength
20.the inner layer of skin cells
2.organ system whose job is to allow movement
3.maintenance of a constant internal body state
5.bone disease that causes bones to become less dense
6.the organ system made up of skin, hair, and nails
7.muscle found only in your heart
9.a group of similar cells that perform a common function
11.the outer layer of skin cells
12.bone tissue that does not have any open spaces
13.bone diseases that causes painful swelling or stiffening
15.two or more tissues working together
17.a muscle that bends part of your body

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