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The Universe

1 2
3   4       5            
7 8   9                 10  
13                       14
  15 16                
  17 18 19          
20 21              
23   24         25       26
          31       32

3.machines that are in our service
5.an inorganic substance (as in the ash of calcined tissue
8.measuremenbt of hot, cold, etc
11.to know new lands or places
13.any of the very large groups of stars and associated matter that are found throughout the universe
16.a source of supply or support : an available means —usually used in plural
19.to arrive in a ship or plane
21.6th planet
25.The planet where we live
27.5th planet
28.part of the Earth that helps us breath
29.First planet
30.a celestial body orbiting another of larger size
31.second planet
33.a broad luminous irregular band of light that stretches completely around the celestial sphere and is caused by the light of myriads of faint stars
34.a meteor that reaches the surface of the earth without being completely vaporized
35.the configuration of stars especially at one's birth
1.place on the space where astronauts can land
2.any of the seven celestial bodies sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn that in ancient belief have motions of their own among the fixed stars
4.small organism that can cause illness
6.a force that pulls you to the Earth
7.study of the Earth
9.an atmospheric phenomenon (as lightning or a snowfall)
10.reany, cloudy, cold, hor...
12.space ships
14.Forth grade
15.a celestial body that appears as a fuzzy head usually surrounding a bright nucleus, that has a usually highly eccentric orbit, that consists primarily of ice and dust, and that often develops one or more long tails when near the sun
17.7th planet
18.the whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated
20.people that travels in the sapce
21.the sun together with the group of celestial bodies that are held by its attraction and revolve around it; also: a similar system centered on another star
22.8th planet
23.a celestial object that has a gravitational field so strong that light cannot escape it and that is believed to be created especially in the collapse of a very massive star
24.not cheap
26.not cold
32.a natural luminous body visible in the sky especially at night

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