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Body Systems and Medical Specialties

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2.Combining Form meaning Child
4.This is done to blood in the Cardiovascular System.
7.Combining Form meaning Tumor; mass
8.Tough Elastic Tissue
11.A structure of the gastrointestinal system that also can be called the throat
13.Combining Form meaning Stomach
14.These vessels carry blood away from the heart and to the rest of the body organs.
16.The system that includes the brain, Cranial nerves, spinal cord, etc.
18.This is a function of the gastrointestinal system that receives sensory information
21.The study of the eye and other structures
22.Combining Form meaning Straight
26.A physician who specializes in the study of the stomach and related structures
27.Structure that begins the digestive system
28.Study of the Urinary System.
29.This systems function is to recognize and destroy disease-causing organisms and abnormal cells
31.The medical word for the Voice Box
33.Produces and secretes hormones into the blood that direct other body organs.
34.Main Function of the Skeletal System.
36.Combining Form meaning Blood
38.A physician who specializes in the practice and knowledge of producing straightness of bones and muscles in a child or other person.
39.The medical word for the Throat
1.The system that includes the ovaries, Uterus, uterine tubes, vagina, etc.
2.Secretes pancreatic juice and insulin
3.Combining Form meaning Secrete
5.The system that includes the sinuses, Pharynx, larynx, etc.
6.The system that consists of the skin, hair, Nails and Sweat/Oil glands
9.This system consists of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, small intestine and large intestine.
10.Includes the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries. Circulates the blood throughout the body.
12.Combining Form meaning Physical function
15.A physician who specializes in the study of the blood
17.The study of the Lungs
19.Combining Form meaning Medicine; drug
20.The study of females
23.Combining Form meaning Eye
24.Combining Form meaning Produce
25.The study of the ears, nose, pharynx, and larynx
30.These are Inside the Lungs
32.Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, and Parathyroid are all what type of structure.
35.Produce sperm in the Male Reproductive System
37.Where two bones may connect.

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