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2   3
4 5             6        
7             8                
  9                   10
  12                   13
15           16            

5.oppressed or treated by people in power
7.acting with or showing care and thought for the future
8.a fierce or destructive attack
9.a feeling of pensive sadness typically with no obvious cause
12.having a strong desire for revenge
15.having won a battle or contest
17.a simultaneous discharge of artillery
18.causing repulsion or horror
19.a collection of items of same type stored in a hidden place
20.the offence of willfully telling the untruth in a court after taking an oath
1.become limp through heat
2.struggle or stagger helplessly
3.carry out badly or carelessley
4.a state of great disturbance
6.in low spirits from loss of hope or courage
10.make someone unable to breathe properly
11.the state of being private and away from other people
13.spread through and be percieved in every part of
14.a position counting as a draw
16.widespread distruction

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