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Stage Manager

John Wright

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3.the stage manager's job of giving an actor a line when they've forgotten it onstage
5.a very flexible performance space that allows audience and stage to be placed anywhere within it (2 Words)
6.having lines learned, no longer needing the script onstage
7.the stage manager records this; includes entrances, exits, and crosses
10.actors cast in the show as backups to lead roles; they go on if there is an emergency and the actor can't perform
14.this designer is responsible for the physical space in which the actors perform
15.the act of moving from one location on stage to another
18.this designer is responsible for all effects that make the show visible to the audience
19.the stage manager records this; objects that are used onstage by the actors to further the story line
20.one of the crews that reports to the stage manager (2 Words)
21.A stage manager is essentially the head ________ of a live theater or television production. (2 Words)
22.one of the crews that reports to the stage manager (2 Words)
1.the area around a performance space that is not visible to the audience
2.an announcement by the stage manager for the actors to get in position for the show to begin
4.a performance space that is distinguished by having the stage and audience separated by a large frame; the most traditional type of stage
8.it is the job of the various designers to fulfill the director's _______ for the show
9.a theatrical description of the stage manager's job during a performance when he/she is giving cues to various crews and individuals (3 Words)
11.this designer is responsible for what the audience hears during the performance
12.___________ is often dictated by the type, or look, of the auditioner rather than by who has more talent
13.one of the crews that reports to the stage manager (2 Words)
15.this designer is responsible or the physical "look" of the characters
16.one of the crews that reports to the stage manager (2 Words)
17.the stage manager records this; the transition from one lighting "effect" to another (2 Words)

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